The Resurgence Of Aerial TV's And Antenna's

Technology has been constantly evolving and with the changes, we have watched television and the channels go through enormous changes. We have seen the television move from being a big box to what we have now- ultra thin high definition TV’s. The picture quality is amazing and to cater to the quality of TV, we have countless channels streaming content in high definition. While all this contributes to exciting times for the entertainment business, there is a cost and it has been rising. There has been a rise in Pay TV as an option for watching entertainment but if you were to look around the world, over-the-air broadcasts are how most people watch TV. So, the aerial TV’s have not completely vanished. They have always been there but because of the emergence of High-Definition TV’s, they had taken a back seat.

So, what has encouraged the TV Aerials to make a comeback? First and foremost, the cost of cable and satellite TV is making people re-think if it is all worth it. The number of channels being offered by such cable and satellite companies is too many to even count. But the common complaint has been that most people who subscribe do not see half of the channels that they have. They simply do not have the time. Also, there has been the availability of quality entertainment through internet TV which has given the people another option. So, while the internet TV may not suffice, it can supplement with another programming. The best part about the aerial TV being that depending on where you live, you can pull quite a few channels with the aerial.  The aerials and antennas that existed years ago have had a make-over and with the current technology, they are looking smarter and are capable of much more compared to their predecessors.

A few things to consider before buying a TV Antenna:

Not only will you have to install, but you will also have to worry about doing the cable work right. It is very important to use high-quality cables so that the signal that is being received is transferred in its entirety to the television set. Coaxial cables are generally used in these cases because it has a longer lifespan and it conducts the signals well. Another big concern is always the safety aspect of it. Severe weather conditions can up the risk and make it difficult for you to set the antennas up correctly. You must ensure that your antenna is grounded for lightning and weather proofing has been done for the cables.  Aerial TV’s and Antennas are making a comeback and it will not be long before people are able to choose either of those options conveniently.


Information about signals:

Signals that are used by cable TV is usually sent through satellites. However, antennas can usually detect or receive two types of signals and they are Very high frequency- this describes the signal that is received and typically you will receive about 13 channels depending on how the reception is in your area. The signals received in this frequency tend to be more stable and of better quality. Ultra-high frequency- Here, you will receive a number of channels but there is a great possibility of interference from the weather. Installation: It is highly recommended to get a professional to install the antennas for you. There are several reasons for this - Installation of antennas requires a lot of physical work.


Do you have to pay?

Generally, how it works is that cable companies tie up with networks and buy premium programming. The networks when they send out these signals are captured by dishes or antennas that the cable companies have. The networks send out encoded signals which cannot be read by regular antennas and aerials. These signals are decoded by dishes that the cable companies have and then it is streamed into your house. However, there are many networks that send signals which are not encoded and this is picked up by the antennas and hence you can get these for free. While the number of channels you can view is limited, in many cases it does suffice. You can get up to about 40 channels in an area with good reception.